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Explore the 2017 colleges with the hottest teens ranking based on over 40,000 student reviews from both male and female students.

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Welcome to our third annual post ranking the hottest colleges and universities in America. PopCrunch runs Hottest Student Bodies every year in the midst of March

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Check out our latest ranking of the best colleges for the hottest guys. Through our research here at College Magazine, we have yet to come across any Sex God Studies

Every year a wonderful little, the “Ten Hottest College Campuses” by Playman is revealed. Some colleges that make the list are common sense, while others may surprise

Here at College Magazine we decided to save you the trouble of searching all over America and let you in on the top 10 colleges with the best views.

CD’s TOP 10 COLLEGE CAMPUSES WITH THE HOTTEST teenS We all know the most important scenery on campus are the sexy teenS! Clearly the hotter the student bodies are

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Jan 18, 2017 ยท Rankings, colleges-With-Pretty-Campuses, Best-Looking-Colleges named the hottest colleges in tell you which college has the hottest

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The 100 Most Beautiful College Campuses In America. When making that all-important decision on where to go to college, the benefits of a beautiful campus shouldn’t

With midterms coming up at many college campuses, some students will be turning to a study aid that can’t be checked out of the library. They’re called “smart drugs

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There are rankings for EVERYTHING when it comes to college, including rankings for the colleges with the hottest teens.

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